“I have been using TechMate for years and would never work for a company that was stuck in the dark ages using Pen and Paper. I booked more than a million dollars in linehaul on my SalesMate last year.”
James Zaccari
United Agent


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March 15 2011 TechMate announces the release of Tablet LoadMate

Tablet LoadMate

TechMate releases Tablet LoadMate. A driver's descriptive inventory system that runs on the new affordable Slate and Tablet hardware. TechMate has capitalized on its years of experience and success with the Telxon/LoadMate system that is widely used and accepted as the industry standard and created a new version of the LoadMate system. This new tablet version allows e-mail and electronic file transfer, signature capture, zip code look-up and maps, and multi-lingual support. This fully customizable inventory system will help drivers save time, reduce claims and print legible and readable inventories in multiple languages. The new LoadMate system will operate on any Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 device.

January 21st 2011 TechMate releases an upload to Wheaton Access

TechMate announced today a release of a Beta version of FirstMate which allows Wheaton users to upload and register jobs into the Wheaton Access system. FirstMate will create a file with customer information that the user can retrieve from within Access eliminating duplicate data entry. This feature is built within FirstMate and is available free of additional charge for current Wheaton license holders.

April 15 2009 TechMate Turns 20

In 1989, Lynn Peterson saw an opportunity.  As a software engineer who had worked with bar-code scanning systems, he felt that there might be a chance to deliver similar solutions to the moving and storage industry.  At the time, Cakeestimates were being completed exclusively with Pen and Paper, and Lynn thought that he could effectively build “a better mousetrap”.

Lynn worked closely with industry experts to create the initial bar-code Telxon scanning system however, as is the case with disruptive technologies, communicating the benefits of automating the estimating process was the biggest initial hurdle.  “I knew that we had developed a great product…..a product that could redefine the survey process, but getting people to listen was the challenging part,” said Lynn.

While sales initially “trickled in”, the entrepreneur was patient and persistent, and in time salespeople, agents and van lines began to realize the competitive advantages and TechMate was effectively launched.

LynnTwenty years have now elapsed and TechMate has become an industry standard, with thousands of users in the US and abroad.  “Lynn has built something that is both unique and special,” said General Manager Thomas May, “we all take great pride in the solutions and services we continue to deliver.”

TechMate has come a long way since the initial Telxon Scanner and now provides a range of products across numerous hardware platforms, including: SalesMate, LoadMate and FirstMate.  Still heavily involved in the day-to-day operation, Lynn credits his team with the company’s success, “I have been fortunate to work with great people over the years.  Like me, most of TechMate’s employees seem to live and breathe moving….I suppose it gets into your blood.”

Lynn has no plans of retiring in the near future and says that he continues to draw energy and ideas from his clients, “I am really proud of what we have created together.  TechMate is a great place to work.  We demand a lot of our people and they consistently go above and beyond the call of duty.  Our reputation is of paramount importance to me and I think that it is a reflection of who I am as a person.  I also am very thankful for our customers and deeply appreciate all of the relationships we have built.  It is, afterall, our customers who drive and inform our development.”

If the last twenty years is any indication, the future for Lynn Peterson and TechMate appears bright.  TechMate has several new product releases on the near horizon and plans to celebrate its 25th anniversary in style!


March 15 2009 TechMate releases Beta sHub Upload for Allied/North American

RegistrationTechMate announced today that it has begun Beta Testing for Allied and North American customers to be able to upload/register jobs directly into sHub from FirstMate.  This development represents a giant step forward for the 1,000 plus users from these two van lines.  When a job is “booked”, a salesperson or coordinator will now have the option to click on the interface and, upon successful submission, a Camis number will be returned directly into the FirstMate application. 

TechMate anticipates this solution will be available for general release to all North American and Allied agents by June of 2009.  TechMate is incorporating this functionality directly into FirstMate and there will not be any additional costs to existing license holders.


March 1st 2009 Executive Moving named AMSA Independent Mover of the Year

TechMate would like to congratulate customer Executive Moving System’s Inc. for their recent selection as the American Moving and Storage Association’s Independent Mover of the Year Award.  The “Indy” reflects AMSA's and the industry’s commitment to outstanding performance among independent movers.  Outstanding performance may be demonstrated in a variety of ways including community service, employee relations, innovative operations or customer service practices. This award is presented annually to an independent moving company nominated by an employee or businExecutiveess partner and selected by a panel of industry experts.

Executive Moving Systems was started in 1991 by Melvin “Dee” and Kathleen M. Bailey.  The foundation of the company is built around the core values of faith and family.  As Dee explains, “put people-not profits, first”.  The truly caring family attitude built within the entire organization flows freely through every aspect of the business.  “Treat others better then you expect to be treated and focus your business decisions on the needs of the family (your employees, customers and community) this is really what sets us apart” states Chuck Bailey, Executive’s General Manager

Executive has been a TechMate customer for several years and credits TechMate with helping to solidify and refine their sales and inventory processes.  2009 marks the 2nd year in a row that a TechMate customer has received the prestigious “Indy” award.

For more information about Executive Moving Systems please contact us at 1-800-377-8184, salesinfo@thebestmove.com or www.thebestmove.com


August 15 2008 TechMate Announces an Alliance with Alliance

TechMate International announced a strategic partnership with third-party service provider Alliance Relocation Services.  Alliance has been delivering quality third-party services since 1999 and has a rapidly expanding customer base within the relocation industry.  The partnership will allow TechMate's 3,500 customers to schedule third-party services, such as crating and damage repair directly from inside of the FirstMate software. 
"The only thing that we have to distinguish ourselves from our competition is our ability to service the customer.  I back this up by making my cell phone available to all of our clients," said CEO Jim Walsh, "The partnership with TechMate coincides with the service philosophy of Alliance and streamlines the process of quoting and scheduling third-party services."
According to Lynn Peterson, Founder and President of TechMate International, "I have always admired the attention to detail at Alliance.  I respect what Jim has done to date and we share a common admiration and appreciation for the moving industry.  The internet allows vendors and service providers to connect with one another in a way that was never feasible before and ultimately, we all benefit through a more integrated, comprehensive offering."

FOR MORE INFORMATION, GO TO: www.alliancerelocation.com


June 1 2008 TechMate International Releases Live Chat and New Training Videos

TechMate International announced the release of two new initiatives designed to enhance the user experience of their 3000+ clients.  “LiveChat” will be accessible both from the TechMate website and from the FirstMate application, and will allow users to connect directly with support technicians in California and New Jersey.  “The advantage of this approach is that it represents a great alternative to the phone and allows support technicians to link into a user’s computer if necessary,” said Thomas May of TechMate.  “This is an especially powerful tool during the peak support periods.”

In the interest of creating better trained, and more informed clients, TechMate International has also posted 19 training videos that range in length from approximately 3 to 11 minutes.  “While these videos will probably never supplant our one-on-one training sessions, they should help to enhance the experience of our users.  So many of our users know our software from a particular perspective, and the training videos will help to open their eyes to new features and offerings,” Tom continued.  The training videos are accessible from the support tab of the TechMate website: www.techmateinternational.net

August 1, 2007: TechMate releases new .net SalesMate for PDA.

Building on the success of the PocketPC SalesMate product, TechMate International announced the release of it’s new .net SalesMate application. This new application is largely based upon the existing software, but will enable users to run on the 2005 Pocket PC operating system. In addition, the .net platform allows for such features as an automated update process and a number of additional features which will help to solidify TechMate’s position as the leader in mobile sales solutions.

“The development process was quite extensive as we were really starting with a blank page,” said CEO Lynn Peterson. “The .net product represents a very important step for TechMate and its customer base. We have added some significant technical resources and are very excited about the product direction. We will, in the near future, be able to offer a fully wireless solution similar to the current Fedex/UPS model….a development that promises to radically transform our industry.”

July 15, 2007 TechMate Releases LoadMate Application

TechMate International Releases new PocketPC-based Driver Inventory System

Following the recent acquisition of competitor Adeena LLC, TechMate International has announced the release of a new LoadMate™ application. Built with cutting-edge .net mobile technology, the new LoadMate™ reflects 17 years of moving industry experience. According to Lynn Peterson, President and CEO of TechMate: “We are very excited about this release and feel that it represents a critical step towards a paperless environment. We have modeled our future development plans after the Fedex/UPS model and feel that this release is a perfect addition to the TechMate product suite.”

The new LoadMate™ will replace the legacy Telxon bar-code scanning system; deployed with great success at more than 2,000 moving companies. Mirroring the existing pen and paper process, this solution offers several critical advantages for companies looking to streamline their operations and reduce claims. Chief among these is the ability to save digital copies of completed inventories, email inventories to the home office (or shipper) and customize the program to reflect the unique needs of each driver/owner operator.

LoadMate™ can either be used as a stand-alone application, or in conjunction with the FirstMate™ “hub system” to provide a comprehensive information flow. “The process is really the same as using pen and paper,” said Piet Gauchat, head of marketing for TechMate and a former moving executive. “Anyone who has ever done a handwritten inventory should be able to use LoadMate™. Once the driver completes the initial 1 hour training program – they are usually “live” with the system right away. Drivers tell us that they are able to facilitate the inventory process in approximately 25% less time. In addition, you get the “wow factor” from shippers; which results in a more professional presentation and, more importantly, significantly fewer claims. We live in a computer age and people just trust computer generated inventories more than illegible handwritten inventories.”

The LoadMate™ solution empowers the driver through wireless technology. Owing to the fact that the software is loaded on the Windows Mobile Operating System, it is possible for drivers to further enhance their operational efficiency by coupling LoadMate™ with rating software, digital expense reports and log solutions. In addition, the PDA platform can be used in conjunction with PC Miler to offer a GPS enabled, truck-friendly, mapping solution.

Future plans for the product include “internationalizing” the product by adding support for 9 languages, along with additional graphical images and several other new features. LoadMate™ will, in the immediate future, allow drivers to wirelessly communicate with their offices and not only print inventories and container summaries, but also print Bills of Lading; thus eliminating the need to physically mail paperwork. This development will significantly improve cash flow for both the driver and agent.

“Most Companies have now realized the benefits of automation at some level, however technology is still vastly underutilized in the Moving Industry”, continued Lynn Peterson. “Effective use of Technology represents the fastest method to substantially impact the bottom-line. TechMate has been in the Moving Industry since 1989 and I have heard every excuse for not automating critical functions, including: “I am bad with computers”, “My people are bad with computers”, “We can’t afford it.” etc….there are really only two ways to grow your business; create more leads, or deal more efficiently with the leads and jobs that you already have. Some holdouts still perceive of technology as a luxury item, in the same way that trucks were perceived as luxury items at the turn of the century. I believe firmly however that investment in technology has a direct payout and that the return on investment should be understood and measured by astute business owners. With the advent and incorporation of new technologies, the question of “Can I afford this?” is being replaced with “Can I afford not to make this investment from a competitive standpoint?”

The LoadMate™ software is being sold at a price point of $1495 for domestic users, which includes the initial training.

For more information on LoadMate™ and the entire suite of TechMate products, please go to www.TechMateInternational.com or call 888-TECHMATE.

June 1st, 2007, TechMate International, Inc., the leading provider of sales software to the Moving and Storage Industry has acquired Adeena LLC, according to Lynn Peterson, President and CEO of TechMate.

TechMate International, who has been providing moving software for the past 17 years and pioneered the concept of an electronic mobile sales tool in 1989, has more than 5,000 installations and customers in over 40 countries. The new TechMate will be the largest provider of software to the relocation industry in the world.

“We would never have considered moving forward [with this merger] unless we felt that this was in the best interests of our customers and employees,” said former Adeena CEO Piet Gauchat, who will assume responsibility for sales and marketing for TechMate. “We merged two strong companies that shared a vision for the future of our industry. The combined resources and knowledge base of both teams will allow TechMate to enhance Customer support by maintaining offices in both New Jersey and in California allowing support to be provided from 8 am EST and 8 pm EST.”

“I believe firmly that the easiest and least expensive way for moving companies to impact their bottom-line is through investments in technology,” suggested Lynn Peterson. “The future of moving will be similar to the FedEx model: one-time entry, immediate access to information at any point in the relocation process, wireless data transfer and communication. With our new product line including a Pocket PC Windows Mobile 5 driver system, we will be able to deliver this reality and, at the same time solidify TechMate’s position as the “Industry Standard” in Moving Software.”